Fundamental Data Documentation


Presenting fundamental company data in a uniform format poses some unique challenges. In addition to different accounting standards (GAAP, IFRS) companies will report their earnings, cashflow, etc. in a way to present themselves in the best light. Companies also often make mistakes or changes in their filings where, for instance, a shares number might be reported in millions in one filing, but in thousands in another.

For companies that file their financials with the SEC we use GAAP taxonomies or IFRS for foreign companies that choose not to file with GAAP. However, companies don’t always apply these standards uniformly. For example, in document filings we have seen fields described as revenue that were mapped to the different GAAP tags

We assume the original SEC filings to be the ultimate source of our information. Sometimes a company doesn’t explicitly report a number that’s part of our offering. In that case we attempt to use a taxonomy to imply the missing field. Other vendors will also have to imply that field and will sometimes get different numbers than we do. However, we can always determine how our numbers are arrived at and we strive to be consistent with GAAP and IFRS taxonomies.

To this end you can follow the links below to find out what GAAP or IFRS quantities are mapped to our outputs. Our outputs are calculated consistently across all companies.


GAAP Taxonomy Mappings


GAAP Taxonomies

IFRS Taxonomies