Alpha Vantage Office 365 Excel Add-in Documentation


This Office 365 Web Add-in provides functions to download Alpha Vantage market data directly into a spreadsheet. There is also a simple taskpane interface to help in setting up the functions. The Add-in is completely free of charge.

Realtime US Stock & ETF Data from

If you are interested in real-time data for the US market, we have partnered with, a leading provider of real-time market data that counts Google and Robinhood as its customers. Alpha Vantage users will enjoy a lifetime 10% discount for their Polygon subscriptions. To unlock the discount, simply sign up for Polygon using your Alpha Vantage user email and enter the code ALPHAV on the subscription page.

Follow this guide to query Polygon's realtime US stock and ETF data through this Excel add-on.

CAVEATS for the Add-in:

This Add-in requires a current subscription to Office 365. It should work on Windows desktop, Mac desktop and browser versions of Office 365. Functionality requires that you are using a version of Excel compatible with dynamic arrays.

The most recent releases in all Microsoft 365 update channels should be compatible. We do our development on the Monthly Enterprise Channel

For information on Microsoft 365 Apps update channels see Overview of update channels for Microsoft 365 Apps

The current Office 365 Web Add-in (Office.js) interface is still missing a few features that would make this a more functional and stable product. Until enhanced error handling is added to Office.js custom functions there is no way to return useful error information from the function.

On a Windows machine there are a couple ways to set the channel. Not as simple as it should be.

How to Change the Update Channels for Microsoft 365 Apps

Change the Microsoft 365 Apps update channel for devices in your organization

On a Mac OSX machine you can set the channel in the Microsoft AutoUpdate application. See Update Office for Mac automatically

We are releasing an Add-in at this point because there is enough functionality to make this API interesting. We have also implemented streaming functions for real-time data that update automatically. We hope you will enjoy this software and we welcome feedback (

Video Walk-Through

Excel Spreadsheet Function Reference


Installing the Add-in

The Office 365 web Add-ins cannot be directly downloaded. The Add-in must be downloaded directly from Microsoft using an account with an active Office 365 subscription.

To download the Add-in from either a desktop or browser based version of Excel go to the Insert ribbon interface. On a desktop version of Excel this should look something like

In the browser version of Excel this should look something like

This will bring up an online store run by Microsoft. You can search for "Alpha Vantage" and install the Add-in from there.

After installation you should see a ribbon tab named Alpha Vantage(Web) added to Excel.

The actual ribbon will look like

In order to use this Add-in you will need a valid Alpha Vantage API key. You can request one here if you don't already have one. On the Alpha Vantage(Web) ribbon tab select either the Info or Tasks button on the left. This will open a taskpane on your page. Scroll to the bottom of the pane and find the text box to update your API key at the botton. If you have previously entered your API key you should see it here.

The spreadsheet functions include Intellisense and the namespace for this Add-in is AlphaVantage.

There is also some help for the function arguments as well.

User Interface


Clicking the Tasks button on the Alpha Vantage(Web) ribbon tab will bring up a taskpane with some useful functionality.

Interval Validation Button

This inserts validation into the currently selected cell to ensure a valid value. Also creates a dropdown in the cell for the user to choose from.

Output Options

This sets the default for the outputsize when it is not explicitly specified in a formula. "Compact" will return only the 100 latest points and "Full" will return all known points in the series

Update API Key

If an API key has been previously entered it will be displayed here. Typing or copying an API key into this field and pressing "Update" will cause that API key to be set for this installation


Alpha Vantage calculates over 50 technical indicators on equity data. If you click the Indicators button on the Alpha Vantage(Web) ribbon tab it will open a taskpane that can help you input the various parameters to the indicator calculations

First we select an indicator

One indicator with a number of possible parameters is STOCH(stochastic oscillator). If we click the button "Insert STOCH Arguments" the parameters for the STOCH calculation will be written to the range starting with the currently selected cell in the spreadsheet. Where default values exist they are inserted as well. In addition validation rules are set to ensure only valid values of the parameters are entered.

Symbol Search

If you click the Symbol Search button on the Alpha Vantage(Web) ribbon tab it will open a taskpane that allows a limited interactive search for symbols


If you click the Help button on the Alpha Vantage(Web) ribbon tab it will open a taskpane with links to help on the spreadsheet Add-in as well as documentation of the Alpha Vantage api.

Example Spreadsheet


UpdatingQuotesAndSeries.xlsx (streaming functions)